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What is a CMS  

A Content Management System (CMS) manages content, graphics, menus, and all other features of a website that was developed using a content management system. CMS software utilizes a database to save, retrieve, and manage all the site data. The CMS and database work together to create and present the website and administrative area. A presentation layer displays the website using a defined or custom template that allows users to view a website developed using a CMS. Management of a CMS combines website development, installation of components, and updates, along with the addition of other features all added or revised in the administrative area.

  Joomla Content Management System

The Joomla CMS, used by Triple Option Web Solutions, is an award-winning content management system and one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems available. Designers and users from all over the world use Joomla every day to develop compelling websites to complex corporate and government applications. Joomla is an efficient, flexible, reliable, and secure system that has helped speed up website design and development time, saving our clients money. Joomla's ability to manage websites and the addition of components and custom programming enables our website designers the ability to create stunning, customized, and compelling websites for small businesses.


Joomla is the perfect tool to manage every feature of our client's website, from user registrations, sending newsletters, image galleries, product catalogs, event listings, taking online reservations, along with thousands of add-ons, and extensions that provide your small business the tools you need for your business and features that give visitor's a great user experience. Joomla is mobile-friendly, multilingual, search engine friendly, and is flexible and fully extensible, making the design possibilities unlimited, and allows our web designers to customize client websites to fit their specific customers and small business needs.

Joomla Website Designers

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Joomla Web Design Company

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  Enhancing the Capabilities of Joomla

Out of the box, Joomla does a great job of managing the content required to develop a website that's user-friendly, attractive, and provides specific online tools for your visitors. However, the real power of Joomla comes from the application framework that makes it possible for Triple Option website designers to create powerful extensions enhancing the capabilities of Joomla and our client websites.


  Improving your small business website

  1. Dynamic Form Builders
  2. Business or Organizational Directories
  3. SEO Tools
  4. Document Management
  5. Image and Multimedia Galleries
  6. Ecommerce and Shopping Carts
  7. Forums, FAQs and Chat Software
  8. Calendars / CRMs
  9. Event Listings and Bookings
  10. Blogging Software
  11. Social Media Tools
  12. Contact Manager and Email Newsletters
  13. Banner Advertising Systems
  14. Subscription and Payment Services

With over two million active websites, and around 10% of all known business websites use Joomla CMS. Joomla is the perfect CMS for developing your custom small business website, and our expert Joomla designers make the possibilities for your small business website endless!


  How Triple Option Developers
and Designers use Joomla CMS

  1. Corporate websites
  2. Online commerce
  3. Small business websites
  4. Non-profit and organizational websites
  5. Business directories
  6. Event websites
  7. School and church websites
  8. Personal or family homepages
  9. Community-based sites
  10. Magazines and newspapers

The possibilities are endless…

  Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

87% of smartphone users use search engines at least once a day. Showing why it's more important today than ever before to have a website that is responsive and looks great on all mobile devices.


5 Reasons Why you Need a Responsive Website

  1. Reach a wider audience than just desktop users.
  2. Mobile-friendly websites appear higher in search results.
  3. Be competitive! Your competition may already have a mobile site.
  4. Make it easy for customers to contact you.
  5. Users can post your content on social media.
Triple Option provides responsive website design so that your website loads fast, provides your content, and looks great on users’ smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

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