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Website Redesign Services in Florida


BAM! Has your website hit a wall?



Many small businesses have websites that hit a brick wall. With time, your website's content becomes stale, pages load slowly, broken links, and outdated software and web hosting have become a security risk.

Ask yourself a few questions? Have your web pages crashed in search rankings? Are potential customers able to find your business? Sales and leads? Don't worry; we have affordable website redesign services that delivers results.

It's time to promote your brand, recapture that lost audience, and generate revenue!

Does your website create headaches, stress, and returns nothing? If you answered yes, options are available. Before you give up, let’s talk. Our designers will find what’s wrong and give you the best web solutions to help your business get back on the road to success.


Website Redesign Services that get ResultsWebsite makeovers occur much more than you think. Maybe time, technology, and visitors have left your website in the past, or market and customer trends have changed. No matter the reason, a great website and online presence are vital to small businesses today.

Website Redesign Services in Tampa, Miami, Orlando

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Triple Option Website Redesign

Why should we redesign our website?

Top 10 Reasons to Revamp your Website

With constant search engine updates, technology advances, and customer trends changing, revamping a business website every 2-4 years is quite common. If you're unsure about redesign, review the list of ten reasons you need a website redesign or contact us with questions.

  1. Your website is not user-friendly.
  2. Your website is not mobile-friendly.
  3. Your website is difficult to use.
  4. Customer trends have changed.
  5. Your website no longer accurately reflects your brand.
  6. Updates or adding lead to more problems.
  7. Outdated technology.
  8. Old content and graphics.
  9. Your website is not optimized for search.
  10. No visitors, No leads, No revenue.


Digital Dust and Cobwebs?

Now is the time to dust off your outdated website and renew your online presence. Triple Option will develop an innovative and compelling custom website that attracts, engages, and converts visitors.

Free Website Evaluation and Proposal

Our free website redesign proposal looks at all areas of your online performance. The report will include online marketing opportunities and solutions that will help your business succeed on the web.

Benefits of Website Redesign

  1. A Fresh Start
  2. Relevant Content
  3. Attract and Inform New and Old Customers
  4. Engage with Customers
  5. Web Solutions that Benefit your Customers
  6. Promote your Brand
  7. Mobile (Responsive)
  8. Build Trust with your Customers
  9. Improved User Interface
  10. Improved User Experience
  11. Faster Page Load Times
  12. More Visitors = Increased Sales
  13. Fast and Secure Web Hosting
  14. Updated Technology
  15. Custom 200+ Point Design/SEO Checklist
Benefits of Website Redesign

Investment for Now and the Future

Your website is an investment in the future of your business, employees, and family. Having the Triple Option web design and online marketing team as a partner will save you time, money, and headaches. Together, we will create a business tool that beats your competition and strengthens your future.

Why Choose

Triple Option Web Design?

  • We Ask Questions
  • Take a Genuine Interest in your Business
  • Listen and Understand your Online Goals
  • Custom Proposal Software
  • Communicate with you During Design
  • Review Website during Design
  • Research your Industry
  • Competitor Research
  • Local on-page SEO
  • Reach Local Customers
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Experience and Knowledge
  • Will Never Suggest Unneeded Services
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Affordable Website Redesign Cost


Over 40% of our projects are for new and current clients requiring a website redesign. We will audit and review all areas of your existing website, from content, brand identity, online marketing, and visibility. Review your online goals, current trends, and recommend only web solutions that will help your business.


Triple Option tailors your website to reflect your brand and to convey experience, authority and trust. An easy-to-use website with content that tells visitors about the benefits and value of your services. And that your competition cannot compete with the value you offer customers.

Be Unique, Be Better
Triple Option Website Redesign

 Provide website visitors the answer to their search query or question, than give them the best services and products.

- Triple Option Web Solutions

How much does a website redesign cost?

Website redesign costs vary based on many factors, including your needs, features, and goals. A business that only needs a small site can expect the price to range from $500 to $2,000. A more extensive redesign project can cost between $2,000 to $10,000+.


DIY - Designing a website yourself is the affordable choice. Sort of? The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to $1,000. Again, the price will depend on your website's needs and features.
Website Redesign project planLet's Give your Website a 2nd Chance
NO Cookie Cutter one size fits all thinking.
The actual cost of DIY web design?
The actual cost of making a new website yourself will be the hundreds of hours spent learning web design, marketing, guidelines, and SEO. Plus, the time spent updating software, reviewing reports, and creating site content each week.
Successful websites are a mix of art, marketing, content creation, analytics, and many other factors. Truth is, after your site goes live, is when the actual work begins and the key to your online success.
You have a business to run and don't want to spend your valuable time stressing over your website. Plus, the savings from your time spent on site will be worth hiring a web design agency.

Website Design Services and Digital Marketing Solutions


"Think of what makes your business unique, the value you give customers, and why you are better than the competition. Will make sure your website and digital marketing solutions promote your brand, display expertise, and why you stand above the competition."
- Triple Option

'bizEmix' Multichannel Marketing

Don't limit your revenue by waiting for users to find you on Google search. Our 'bizEmix' web marketing service is a multichannel strategy to market your business on the online channels your target audience uses, such as Instagram, YouTube, and blogs. The multichannel approach creates more opportunities to target and reach the right customers.

  • Content marketing provides 3x more leads than paid ads.
  • 61% of buyers are more likely to buy from a brand after reading its unique content.
  • Over 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via their content (web pages, blog, video).

Discover Success

Creative & Innovative Web Development

Get creative and innovative custom website design that promotes your brand, shows the value of your services, and helps users make a buying decision. Your site will provide fresh, helpful content and a superb user experience. Helping your small business succeed on the web.

Results Delivered

Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services use proven factors to boost your rankings for keywords entered in search engine by customers to find your services. Optimizing Google My Business, Bing Places, citations, and creating local content will help improve keyword rankings.

Triple Option Local SEO Services maximize your rank on Bing and Google organic search, maps, mobile search and voice search. We focus on popular questions users search to find your services, by placing FAQs on your web pages. In addition, we include structured data, a format that gives search engines detailed information about a page. Creating rich snippets that appear in search results.

Long Term Success