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Do you only have a website? Post to Instagram once in a while? Do you use email to inform customers? Do you wait and hope that users find your small business on the web?


From social media to email, SEO to blogs, your customers use many online channels to find what they need.


Simply having a website will not promote or give you a strong online presence. Without web marketing services and the right approach, your small business may not achieve the success you deserve.


   Without web marketing services, many small business websites never achieve the online presence they deserve.

Don't limit your website traffic to just search engines and SEO. Get the best web marketing services designed to reach your online goals.


Social Media




Videos and more!


  The fact is that many business websites fail or never meet expectations. Why?

  • Budget spent on paid ads.
  • Do not budget for monthly web marketing.
  • No long-term content strategy to achieve goals.
  • Promote on the wrong channels. (Social Media, Email)
  • Incorrect use of online assets. (posts, content, videos)
  • Only post about services.
  • Inconsistent posting.
  • Content does not trigger emotions.
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What are Online Marketing Channels?

Online marketing channels are platforms where you promote your brand and reach your target buyers. Online channels include social media, blogs, and email. A diverse approach to web marketing will help you attract users beyond just search.

Digital Marketing Package Pricing

Digital Marketing Packages

'bizEmix' monthly plans include:

Digital Marketing Packages


Most business owners know about SEO, social media, and paid ads. All three-drive targeted traffic to your site and have good conversion rates. But your potential customers use a range of websites and apps to find the things they need.


So why limit your customer reach?

Why wait for users to find you?


Our web marketing services promote brand awareness and give your small business a strong online presence. We focus on the web channels and assets that your customers use each day. We place your business in front of potential customers creating more opportunities to engage, convert, and increase sales.

Save money and get a great Return on Investment (ROI)

Digital Marketing Pricing Packages
"Your potential customers use a range of websites and assets to find the services they need."


We Have a Problem!

Have you looked at the search results on Google page 1? National brands with large budgets, 3 to 8 paid ads, and big business directories (Yelp, Hotfrog) control search. As a result, small businesses are fighting for a few spots on page one of search engines.

Take a look:

Keyword Phrase: HVAC repair near me (US vol = 18,100/mo)


Diversify your Online Marketing Strategy

'bizEmix' Web Marketing Services Florida
SEO Agencies typically
Push SEO and Paid Ads
Paid Ads55%

Top Internet Marketing Channels


Video Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Paid Ads (PPC)


'bizEmix' Monthly Online Marketing
Expand your brand with
'bizEmix' Digital Marketing Packages
Social Media20%

(%) Where visitors to your website come from with 'bizEmix' strategy.

Top Internet Marketing Channels


Video Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Paid Ads (PPC)


Web Marketing Services

Small Business Online Marketing that does much more for much less!


We examine your customers, market and goals. Selecting only the online marketing channels and assets your target audience uses.


Using the right assets on the proper online channels will attract, inform and engage users. And promotes your brand and services.


We use our SiteStorm days to review client websites and talk about new ideas. We believe that your website can always be improved.


A winning strategy with online channels and assets all working in-sync help you reach your goals and lead to success now and the future.

Site Storming Content Marketing

  Site Storming

The key to your small business success on the web includes a range of elements and the right approach. Two of the most essential are great content and user experience.

Our team reviews your web marketing in our 'Site Storming' sessions. We take this time to discuss ideas that will improve your presence on the web.

We know that your website can always be better, and we make sure of it.

Discover the Power of Online Channels and Assets

Your monthly Internet marketing should reach further on the web!

Not in your wallet.

Email marketing is still the reliable and most effective way to attract users. Email creates $42 in revenue for every dollar spent. That is a 4200% return on investment (ROI).

Stats by age that are active on social media in the USA.

  • 84% of users aged 18–29
  • 81% of users aged 30–49
  • 73% of users aged 50–64
  • 45% of users over 65

Multichannel Internet Marketing ServicesMore than 80% of Instagram users say they discover new products and services on Instagram. Could you use more leads and sales?

With over 450 million active users each month. Pinterest is the ideal channel for sharing images and visual content of your services and products.

Companies that blog get an average of 67% more monthly leads, 55% more website visitors, and backlinks than those that don't. The key to blogs is providing valuable content to users.

What is the world's 2nd largest search engine? Answer: YouTube.

Video Marketing: 72% of consumers say that they prefer videos over text-based content.

'bizEmix' Online Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Package Pricing

Digital Marketing Packages

What are Online Marketing Assets?

Web marketing assets refer to content that is published online. They can include files, videos, photos, and social media posts. Web assets provide valuable info to users about your small business.

'bizEmix' monthly plans include:

Triple Option Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency

Triple Option provides clients with the best web design and web marketing services for their small business. We create online strategies that help you achieve your small business goals. Our team can't wait to promote your brand, services, and help boost sales.

One of our top goals is to form a partnership with each client that creates success today and in the future.

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