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Why limit your site traffic to Google search? Your customers use a range of online channels each day, such as social media, videos, email, and blogs. Don't wait for customers to find your website? Place your brand and your services on the websites they use.

 The fact is, that many business websites fail or fall short of expectations. Why?

  • All the focus on keyword rankings.
  • Spend budget on paid ads.
  • Don't budget for monthly web marketing services.
  • No long-term strategy to reach goals.
  • Promoting on the wrong online channels. (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Incorrectly using online assets. (posts, content, videos)

Most companies do not know the value of ongoing web marketing services. Mainly because they are never told. From day one, they have had SEO and paid ads forced on them. But were never informed of all the channels that can help their business.

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  Small Business websites without continued digital marketing services and strategies usually fail or never reach their full revenue potential.

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We have a problem!

National brands with huge budgets, 3 to 10 paid ads, and giant business directories control page one of the search engine results for top keywords. Causing small business to fight for a few spots on page one.

Look at an example:

Keyword phrase: HVAC repair near me (US vol = 18,100/mo)

Multichannel Internet Marketing ServicesMore than 80% of Instagram users say they discover new products and services on Instagram. Could you use more leads and sales?

The Answer!

'bizEmix' Multichannel Marketing

Nowadays, you have to place your brand in front of customers. That's why we optimize your business on the platforms that drive traffic and increase revenue. You do not have to be on every website or use every tool on the web. Our ‘bizEmix’ multichannel marketing plan only includes the tools that will help your business thrive on the web.

Multichannel Marketing Strategy

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Successful small business websites don't launch one day and start making tons of cash the next day. Triple Option helps clients implement the right web marketing services and strategies that will let your company grow today and tomorrow.


We focus only on the online channels and assets that your target audience uses. We design short-term and long-term strategies that put your business in front of customers. Plus, you save money and have a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Creating more opportunities to engage, convert, and increase sales on a range of websites, apps, and platforms used by customers.

Continued analysis, updates, and fresh content that provides visitors the information they need. We always remember that your website can be better and do more.

Free Online Performance Review

Triple Option will review your present online performance, customers, and key information to discover more marketing opportunities for your business.

We create each client a long-term, cost-effective plan that provides the best results. Only choosing the web solutions that will benefit your business and customers.

Web Design Services and Digital Marketing Agency

"What makes your small business unique? How are you better than your competition?
We make sure your website and online marketing promote your brand and convey the value of your services."
- Triple Option

'bizEmix' Multichannel Marketing

Why limit your site traffic to only Google search? Your customers use a range of online channels, such as social media, videos, email, and blogs. Don't wait for customers to find your site? Will place your brand and services on the websites they use each day.

  • Content marketing provides 3x more leads than paid ads.
  • 61% of buyers are more likely to buy from a brand after reading its unique content.
  • Over 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via their content (web pages, blog, video).

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Creative Web Development

Get creative custom website design that promotes your brand, shows the value of your services, and helps users make a buying decision. Your site will provide helpful content and a superb user experience.

Your site will always perform at its best, increase sales, and grow with your business. We help your small business thrive on the web.

Results Delivered

Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services use tested methods to boost your keyword rankings in search engines. We optimize your "Google My Business", "Bing Places", local citations, and more.

Triple Option Local SEO Services maximize your rank in Bing and Google organic search results. We focus on keywords and questions users enter in to search to find local business. In addition, will add structured data to create rich snippets that appear in search and optimize your site for voice search.

Long Term Success