Custom 404 Page Design

Custom 404 Error Page Design

Every web page on your website is an opportunity to engage and convert visitors into customers.

Custom 404 Error Design
What is a 404 error page?

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means the server couldn't find the web page selected. When a page is deleted, moved, or the user types in the wrong URL, they are redirected to the site error page.

The common 404 error page will usually say 'Sorry, something went wrong' and link to the home page.

Custom 404 web pagesThe fact is, 404 errors will happen.

But around 70% of people will leave a website after experiencing a 404 error. Don't let users leave your site without a fight.

Having a creative custom 404 error page can convert a poor customer experience into an engagement.

Turn a 404 into anopportunity to reengage and convert your visitor.

Example 404 Graphic


Instead of a typical 404 error page and taking the chance users will leave your website. Let's create an opportunity to inform and re-engage visitors.

Triple Option will design a custom 404 error page that offers a promo code, gets a laugh, or whatever you like. We also include call-to-actions that help visitors get back on track and pointed to your main web pages.

View Triple Option 404 Error Page

Warning: We may have lost one person already!



404 Page Design

$200.00 (graphic)
$260.00 (video)
  • Match Website
  • Funny, Professional, other
  • Revisions (120 min)
  • Submit Logo & Images
  • (you would like used)
  • 404 Documentation
  • Support

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"Think of what makes your business unique, the value you give customers, and why you are better than the competition. Will make sure your website and digital marketing solutions promote your brand, display expertise, and why you stand above the competition."
- Triple Option

'bizEmix' Multichannel Marketing

Don't limit your revenue by waiting for users to find you on Google search. Our 'bizEmix' web marketing service is a multichannel strategy to market your business on the online channels your target audience uses, such as Instagram, YouTube, and blogs. The multichannel approach creates more opportunities to target and reach the right customers.

  • Content marketing provides 3x more leads than paid ads.
  • 61% of buyers are more likely to buy from a brand after reading its unique content.
  • Over 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via their content (web pages, blog, video).

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Creative & Innovative Web Development

Get creative and innovative custom website design that promotes your brand, shows the value of your services, and helps users make a buying decision. Your site will provide fresh, helpful content and a superb user experience. Helping your small business succeed on the web.

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Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services use proven factors to boost your rankings for keywords entered in search engine by customers to find your services. Optimizing Google My Business, Bing Places, citations, and creating local content will help improve keyword rankings.

Triple Option Local SEO Services maximize your rank on Bing and Google organic search, maps, mobile search and voice search. We focus on popular questions users search to find your services, by placing FAQs on your web pages. In addition, we include structured data, a format that gives search engines detailed information about a page. Creating rich snippets that appear in search results.

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We don't just optimize for search engines.
We optimize for the web.

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Custom 404 Error Page The best UX

We don't just optimize for search engines.
We optimize for the web.

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