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National SEO vs. Local SEO

Local search engine optimization focuses on ranking for keyword phrases, questions, and locations that customers enter into search engines to find local business services in their area.


Both of these phrases will provide local results:

"coffee shop in Orlando" and "who has the best hamburgers near me"


Optimizing for local SEO gives your business more visibility in local search results, business directories, and Google maps. Optimizing your website for local search rankings, Letting local customers in specific geographical locations such as find your business.

National search engine optimization services primarily concentrate on getting your website ranking for broad keyword phrases nationally or specific regions, such as the mid-Atlantic.

Keywords with high monthly organic traffic used for national SEO campaigns see much more competition. This means it can be more costly and challenging to rank for these keywords; however, their value in conversions exceeds the cost.

Florida SEO company provides National SEO services

National SEO package prices in Florida

National SEO Services

Florida National SEO Services

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On average, organic search

leads have a 16% close rate, compared to 2% for outbound marketing leads.

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Managed SEO Services Package Pricing

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93% of online

experiences begin with a search engine.

Does my website need SEO?

There are several reasons why every small business should have managed search engine optimization services from an SEO company. The major search engines continually update their standards and algorithm; Google alone makes over 500 updates per year. Search engines add updates to prevent shady SEO practices and improve the user experience.

Most core updates are small changes that go unnoticed. However, a few times each year a broad core algorithm update is implemented and makes waves in search engine results, sending website owners into a panic. With search engine updates, along with customer and market trends, it's essential to have someone overseeing your SEO and content marketing.

We stay updated on algorithm updates, guidelines, and new technology so that our client sites are always updated with the latest SEO techniques and performing at their best. Whether you're launching a new website or site redesign, without continued search engine optimization and updates, your website can become lost on the web, collecting digital dust like many other business websites.

Triple Option SEO Service Provides

Triple Option Web Solution's national search engine optimization monthly strategies and tools keep your website up-to-date and improves your small business organic search rankings on Google and Bing. We use top SEO software and Google analytics to analyze in-depth details about your website's keyword rankings, visitor actions, trends, and other critical data points.


The information is reviewed by our team to improve SEO strategies, find keyword opportunities, and alerts us if there are issues on your website that need attention. Making required revisions, updating site technology, and adding fresh new content helps improve your organic search ranking results and user experience.


Continually optimizing your website for top industry keywords, let customers find your products and services in search engine results. 


Here are some of the most influential Google ranking factors for top search results that we put a large amount of focus on.

  1. Relevant Content > User Intent
  2. Fresh High-Quality Content
  3. Benefits
  4. Link Building 
  5. Citations (NAP)
  6. Mobile-Friendly Website 
  7. Technical SEO (Page Speed)
  8. Schema Markup Code
  9. User Experience 
  10. Call to Action Placement

No matter if you sell products or advertise your services online. Increasing revenue from your website is most likely your most important online goal. Triple Option's affordable national or local search engine optimization services combined with other monthly digital marketing tools and strategies, can help your website achieve new heights now and into the future.

SEO Packages Include...

  • Prominent presence on the web.
  • Informative and relevant content.
  • On-page and off-page SEO.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Keyword phrases that generate¬†higher page rankings.
  • Find new keyword phrases used in searches.
  • Expand your reach and attract more customers.
  • Receive monthly SEO and ranking reports.
  • Keep track of your website vs. your competition.
  • Create a powerful online marketing tool.
  • Add and revise citations (NAPw)
  • Build domain authority with quality backlinks.
  • Increase revenue by increasing site traffic.
  • Add-ons include videos, blogs, infographics and more
  • and much more

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Over 50% of smartphone

users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google)

  SEO - Long Term Strategy

We always inform clients that search engine optimization service is a marathon, not a sprint. Unlike pay-per-click and ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other outlets, organic search results typically will not provide immediate results. Triple Option provides comprehensive and long-term SEO strategies that involve a combination of ads along with reviewing website audits, analytics, and revising on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization.
Even when executed to perfection, it takes time for Google and Bing to crawl, index and begin to place your web pages in organic search engine results. However, with persistence and patience, the value of traffic earned from these efforts is the most consistent and has the highest conversion rates when compared to other online advertising channels. If your company is looking to reach more clients or customers, managed national SEO services are the marketing solutions you're looking for.
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