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We create search engine optimization strategies based on each client's needs, online goals, and always looking for the most affordable local SEO package prices. We developed our custom proposal software to provide just that, affordable monthly managed SEO services for every client.

When we begin an SEO proposal, we will discuss your online goals and the expectations you have for your website. Most clients will only require local SEO services because they only serve a specific area(s). For example, an Italian restaurant in Tampa, Florida, would need local search engine optimization strategies. Another business might sell medical supplies across the United States; they would require a national search engine optimization campaign.

Triple Option understands that business owners, for the most part, don't understand SEO, why should you, your an expert in your field. Moreover, spending money every month on something you may not understand all that well can be a tough decision. That's why we thoroughly explain what can be done and what needs to be done to reach your goals. Triple Option will never offer web solutions that do not benefit you or your customers.

It is important to remember that your website can be and should be a large part of revenue generation, and provide a fantastic return on investment (ROI) for your company. Please feel free to contact Triple Option with any questions. We genuinely enjoy 
search engine optimization, giving clients better rankings on Google, and coffee.

Managed SEO Services

Florida Managed SEO Services
Local SEO Package Prices Wesley Chapel, Lakeland Florida

Over 50% of all searches conducted on Google are for local services and information. Your local SEO strategies need managed SEO services.

How Long Before you See Results?

"You might begin seeing improvements in organic ranking and an increase in traffic for keyword topics with little competition in just a few weeks. On the other hand, moderately competitive topics might takes months, while highly competitive phrases could even take one year or more!" – Search Engine Journal

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STAT: 9 out of 10 users conduct local searches on mobile devices and over 70% will use a local business within five miles of their home.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Search Engine Optimization initial cost, and the monthly SEO Pricing is based mainly on the specific industry, coverage area (city, state, national, global), and overall scope of the project. Local SEO, as you can assume, is much cheaper than a broader national campaign. However, there is one problem with SEO costs. Monthly SEO pricing is all over the place! Monthly local SEO packages cost can range from $300 to $2,000 a month, where more extensive campaigns can cost from $1,000 to $20,000 or more a month.



Triple Option monthly SEO packages prices range from $200 to $3,000 a month, and some SEO packages include a budget toward Google Ads and social media advertising. With our monthly SEO services, we continually analyze and update your website based on visitor actions, keyword rankings, keyword volume, and other analytics using top-rated SEO tools. We look for new keyword phrases, add new content, structured data, link building (backlinks), watch for customer trends, Google My Business optimization, and watch all SEO factors that affect your site.



Having an ongoing monthly SEO plan will keep your website relevant locally, SEO-friendly, and always updated when Google revises its guidelines and ranking factors.


Triple Option services help users find and visit your website through search engine organic results, Google Maps, Bing Maps, and business directories. Visitors will learn about your services or products and then take action by either calling, using the contact form, email, or visiting your store, generating more revenue for your small business.




No one can guarantee search engine results and companies that promise first page results at low rates, be aware. Black-hat methods (cheap tricks that don't follow Google guidelines) can have your website penalized and entirely removed from Google. And getting penalties removed from Google will cost a lot more time and money to have repaired, not to mention the lost revenue.

Let local customers find your local small business

Best Local SEO Services Company Florida

Long Term SEO Strategies

We always tell clients that local search engine optimization is like a marathon, SEO is a long term strategy and commitment. Unlike pay-per-click and ad campaigns on Google, Instagram, and other websites, organic search results typically will not produce instant results.

The perfect SEO strategy will involve continually reviewing website audits, analytics, revising on-page, off-page, technical search engine optimization, and adding citations and backlinks.


Even when executed properly, Google and Bing must identify, index and than your web pages are listed in organic search results pages (SERPs). However, the traffic obtained from these efforts is the most consistent and most beneficial at attracting visitors among all online advertising channels.

If you're a small business looking to reach more customers, Local SEO services should be a part of your digital marketing strategies.

Our local SEO experts will explain and present an affordable monthly SEO package that fits your small business and budget.

Let local customers find your local small business

Best Local SEO Services Company Florida

Over 70% of consumers

who perform a local search, visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

93% of online

experiences begin with a search engine.

Local SEO Includes...

  1. Industry Keywords (LSI)
  2. Keywords (Longtail and LSI)
  3. Informative - Relevant Content
  4. Website Structure
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Meta Data
  7. Title Tags
  8. Image Optimization
  9. Correct use of Headers
  10. Internal Linking
  11. Site Navigation
  12. Technical SEO
  13. On-page and Off-page SEO
  14. Local Directory Citations
  15. Sitemaps (XML)
  16. Google My Business - Maps
  17. Bing Places - Maps
  18. Structured Data
  19. and more
Local SEO Pricing Tampa Miami Florida

Monthly Local Search Engine Optimization Packages

Benefits of Local SEO...

  1. More Keyword Phrases
  2. Target Specific Areas
    • City Names
    • Zip Codes
    • Counties
  3. Greater local visibility
    1. Attract Local Customers
    2. Attract Local Businesses
  4. Listing on Google Maps
  5. SE's apply User Location
  6. Mobile Device Searches
  7. Increase Local...
    • Relevance
    • Customer Base
    • Loyalty
  8. Raise Customer Confidence
  9. Reach Surrounding Areas
  10. Local Directories
  11. and more
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"We ask questions, take a genuine interest in our clients' small business, and the growth of that business with affordable web solutions."

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