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For over a decade, Triple Option SEO Company has provided our clients with Local SEO Services at prices that will not break your budget. Our clients will tell you that having dozens of local keyword phrases ranking in the top five on Google and Bing search results has helped build an amazingly loyal customer base locally.


So, are Local SEO Services relevant today?


Absolutely! Local SEO must be a top priority if you own a small business website and want your business to stay relevant locally and not let your competition lead the way. Look around … think about your current location. Does anyone know where you are? All you have to do is look at your mobile device. With Geolocating on your mobile-device, Apps like Uber and Lyft know where to pick you up.


Apps and your web browser keep track of your location and will notify you about local weather, local information, and YouTube TV provides local TV stations based on your locality, Input a keyword phrase such as "coffee shop," and Google will return local results near you and typically show maps, directions, and reviews.


If your search engine rankings are not attracting local customers? Contact Triple Option to discuss affordable Local SEO services for your business and the areas you serve.

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STATS: 9 out of 10 users conduct local searches on mobile devices and over 65% will use a local business within five miles of their home.

Almost 50% of all searches conducted on Google are for local services and information. No matter the size of your business or the industry you serve, your local SEO strategies should be reviewed and improved continually.


86% of people

lookup the location of a business on Google Maps.

61% of mobile searchers are

more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

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Why Local SEO Services is Critical
for Small Business

Internet users today use local keyword phrases such as city names, counties, and states when they conduct searches on Google and Bing search engines. There are also two popular phrases users add to their search phrases to find local results "good pizza near me" and "auto repair shop close to me." Users do not want to look through pages of search results that show listing from all over the web. They want relevant search results that help them find services in their area. Businesses also want to appear in search results for the areas they serve. For example, a restaurant in Baltimore doesn't want to appear in search results for restaurants in Miami.


So how do local search terms help my business?


Google algorithms have become highly effective at discovering and displaying relevant search results based on keyword phrases and a specific location inputted into the search engine or user location using Geolocation. Now we know it might seem a little scary, that apps, mobile devices, and web browsers track your location. However, for small business owners, the right local SEO services will attract local customers searching for a local business like yours. Whether you sell products online or advertise your services, increasing sales from your website is most likely your most important online goal.


On-page local search engine optimization for your website along with off-page and technical SEO, we can help you achieve your online marketing goals. If your small business website is not taking advantage of local SEO, and not using Google My Business, Google Maps, Bing Places for Business, and Bing Maps, local SEO needs to become a top priority.

Local SEO Service is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We always inform clients that Local search engine optimization service is a marathon, not a sprint. Unlike pay-per-click and ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other outlets, organic search results typically will not provide immediate results. A comprehensive and continuous SEO strategy will involve a combination of ads along with reviewing website audits, analytics, and revising on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization.
Even when executed to perfection, it takes time for Google and Bing to identify and reward the efforts of search engine optimization in organic search results. However, the traffic earned from these efforts is the most consistent and best at attracting visitors among all online advertising channels. If you're a small business looking to reach more customers, Local SEO is the solution.
Local on-page SEO setup comes included with our new website design and website redesign projects. New projects don't include continued monthly search engine optimization services. Our local SEO experts will explain and present an affordable monthly SEO package that fits your small business.
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72% of consumers

who perform a local search, visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

93% of online

experiences begin with a search engine.
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Old-School / Digital Marketing
Working Together

Here are a few ideas on where to list your website ...

  1. Business cards, Uniforms, Shirts, and Hats
  2. Company Envelopes and Letterhead
  3. Postcards and Flyers
  4. Signs and Banners
  5. Ads in Local Papers
  6. Community Newsletters
  7. Email Newsletter

Old School Advertising

Always remember that your website only enables online users to conduct searches and discover your business listing on Google and other search engines. However, many potential customers don't use the web, so old school advertising and word of mouth are still prominent marketing tools. It's essential to place your website URL ( on all business materials where potential customers will view your brand and can receive additional information on your website. We are always surprised at how many businesses forget to place their website information on business material and lose the opportunity to attract new customers.
Make your business and brand familiar to potential customers in your service area. Many consumers will see a company's brand typically 3 to 7 times before contacting or visiting their store.

Even if they don't remember your business, but have viewed your brand enough times either online or through another marketing tool. When they need your service, they will recall your business, whether searching online, from memory, or a recommendation from a friend.


A little old school marketing can still produce results and when combined with your website and Local SEO services. Your small business can develop a local customer base that keeps you relevant locally and ahead of the competition. 

Local SEO Services Includes...

  1. Identify Industry Keywords
  2. Keyword Density
  3. Informative - Relevant Content
  4. Website Structure
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Meta Data
  7. Title Tags
  8. Image Optimization
  9. Correct use of Headers
  10. Internal Linking
  11. Site Navigation
  12. Technical SEO
  13. On-page and Off-page SEO
  14. Local Directory Citations
  15. Sitemaps (XML)
  16. Google My Business - Maps
  17. Bing Places - Maps
  18. Quality Backlinks
  19. Structured Data
  20. and more

Let local customers find
your local small business

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Powerful Tools
for Local SEO

Get listed Google maps

Google My Business

Google Maps


Bing Places for Business

Bing Maps



Benefits of Local SEO...

  1. More Keyword Phrases
  2. Specific Areas using
    • City Names
    • Zip Codes
    • Counties
    • States
  3. Attract Local Customers
    1. Google My Business/Maps
    2. Bing Places/Maps
  4. Attract Local Businesses
  5. SE's apply User Location
  6. Mobile Device Searches
  7. Increase Local...
    • Relevance
    • Customer Base
    • Loyalty
  8. Raise Customer Confidence
  9. Reach Surrounding Areas
  10. Local Directories
  11. and more


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