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Selecting a Domain Name


First thing you need to know about domain names. Your domain name will become your brand, your companies face on the web. Below are some tips on selecting the perfect domain for your small business. If your website is being designed by Triple Option Web Solutions, our team will help find the domain that best defines your companies brand and online strategies.


1. Select a domain name that's short and easy to spell. Remember, you'll want your website listed on everything. Business cards, shirts, vehicles, letterhead, etc. A domain name that's too long may not fit nicely on print items and can cost more to print.


2. Select a domain name that's memorable. Great names stick with people, and they tell more people. Say your potential domain name for a day or two. See if you get tongue-tied or if the name just comes out naturally.


3. Always try to get the .com version of the domain name you want. This can be tough since many .com's are taken. Working with keywords, specific cities or states can help you find the right domain name for your business.


4. Be sure to include a keyword(s) in your domain name. Including keyword(s) in your domain name will help strengthen your rankings for that specific keyword in search engines and search directories.


5. Purchase your domain name for more than three years and better your page rank on Google. According to Google, "valuable domains are often paid for several years in advance."


6. REMEMBER THIS! Include your domain name on everything. We see so many companies who still do print ads in newspapers, magazines, etc. and don't list their website or it's printed very small in the ad. Please, include your domain name on everything, and make sure it's readable.

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